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Laser Carbon Peel

Carbon Peel is a non-invasive, completely painless laser-based skin treatment that quickly and effectively treats a variety of skin imperfections, with no side effects or downtime and with immediate results.

Using formulated unique carbon liquid applied to the face, in conjunction with the powerful and versatile ClearLift Q-Switched laser, the treatment exfoliates the skin, unclogs and tightens pores, reduces oil production and smooths rough and uneven skin texture.
The treatment is suitable for all skin types, and is particularly beneficial for customers with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin, rough/uneven skin texture and acne.

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Clear Skin Pro Laser

The new ClearSkin PRO Laser is the first technology to combine a non-ablative laser with simultaneous contact cooling and a unique vacuum technology to treat all forms of acne vulgaris safely and effectively.
The treatment is suitable for all skin types, has no side effects and achieves a smoother complexion and visibly younger looking Skin.

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Full Face$229$687$597$1374$1134

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