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Tattoo Removal

HarmonyXL PRO with ClearLift technology delivers intense nanosecond pulsed to the target area resulting in a photo acoustic effect. This mechanical Q switch action is highly effective in removing tattoos by delivered energy within the absorption spectrum of a wide range of colors.

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2 cm x 2 cm$99$297$267$594$414
4cm x 4cm$149$447$387$894$594
8 cm x 4 cm$179$537$477$1074$834
10 cm x 6 cm$209$627$567$1254$1014
12 cm x 8 cm$239$297$627$594$1134
15 cm x 11 cm (A6 Area)$269$717$747$1434$1374

Lips to Love

ClearLift technology uses a non-ablative laser to painlessly enhance your natural lips. This laser stimulates the tissue of the lips in order to create a fuller appearance. The lasers penetrate deeply to improve color, natural volume, and definition while also creating smoothness. You’ll get beautiful and more youthful-looking lips.

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Jawline V Dream

Using ClearLift Roller – high-speed, fractional non-ablative Q-switched laser specially designed for high-speed treatment to rejuvenate specifically your jawline area which can benefit your skin laxity, fine lines & wrinkles and collagen induction which can help achieve a “V” shape.

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